Urban Alternatives is launched by a collaboration of different actors which are united in their efforts to create a more democratic, just and sustainable world. This map seeks to highlight initiatives that work towards this goal. Proposal for initiatives not listed yet can be made directly on the website. This process is open to new collaborations.


Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen

Democratic Remunicipalization

“Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen” (Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen& Co) is an initiative and related campaign by Mietenvolksentscheid, Kotti & Co, other tenant initiatives, tenants of Deutsche Wohnen, the Interventionistische Linke (interventionist left), members of different parties and others. They are currently organising a petition for a referendum that calls for an expropriation and(re-)municipalisation of the housing stock of Deutsche Wohnen and other profit-oriented and listed companies: the transfer of privately owned apartments to the public.

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