Urban Alternatives is launched by a collaboration of different actors which are united in their efforts to create a more democratic, just and sustainable world. This map seeks to highlight initiatives that work towards this goal. Proposal for initiatives not listed yet can be made directly on the website. This process is open to new collaborations.



Social & Solidarity Economy

Born in 2009 from the initiative of a local social and solidarity economy, actors were convinced that the inhabitants could play a role in local economic development. Domb'Innov is a Pôle Territorial de Coopération Economique (PTCE) that allows civil society and local authorities to participate in local economic development. The Territorial Poles of Economic Cooperation in France consist of a group of local actors who work together on a common economic project to promote local territorial development: associations, cooperatives, local authorities, traditional enterprises, universities, etc. Their fields of activity are diverse and adapted to their local context: eco-activities, employment, food and sustainable agriculture.

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