Urban Alternatives is launched by a collaboration of different actors which are united in their efforts to create a more democratic, just and sustainable world. This map seeks to highlight initiatives that work towards this goal. Proposal for initiatives not listed yet can be made directly on the website. This process is open to new collaborations.


Avtonomna Tovarna Rog

Citizen Participation Mechanism

Rog factory is an industrial complex on the east edge of Ljubljana centre, which produced the famous Rog bicycles and was shut down in 1991. Since then it has remained abandoned, empty, and in deterioration for 15 years. In 2006 the area was occupied by students, artists and activists as a critical response to the post-socialist transition process (privatisation and deindustrialisation), and erosion of public and social spaces (individualisation and atomisation of society). The occupation’s legitimacy rests on the need for places for non-formal artistic, cultural and political activities (autonomy, alternative culture, horizontal political organising).

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