Urban Alternatives is launched by a collaboration of different actors which are united in their efforts to create a more democratic, just and sustainable world. This map seeks to highlight initiatives that work towards this goal. Proposal for initiatives not listed yet can be made directly on the website. This process is open to new collaborations.


Campo de Cebada

Inclusive Housing & Public Space

El Campo de Cebada (The Barley Field) is an open neighbourhood association that actively shaped the (temporary) use of a lot left empty after the demolition of the former public pool of La Latina, a neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid. El Campo de Cebada (ECDC) formed in 2009 to revive the lot by organising multiple social and cultural activities. A major claim of the initiative was to establish a dialogue between citizens and city administration in order to explore the potentials of community-driven approaches for a socially sustainable urban planning. The current city government (Ahora Madrid) pledged to build a multi-use sports hall on the lot, which would be inaugurated in spring 2019 and would then ideally be co-managed by public administration and the neighbours.

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