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Za Muzil – Volim Pulu

Citizen Participation Mechanism

What challenges did this initiative look to address?

The initiative Za Muzil – Volim Pulu started out as a citizen initiative organized as a network of individuals, not groups, associations, institutions or parties. The aim was not to take part in the government but rather the get to know the space better, the potentials for its public use and to discuss about future plans. The initiative opposes the concessions of the peninsula Muzil, the size of which is one-fifth of the town of Pula, a space previously not available to its citizens for over a hundred years because it was exclusively a military area. Instead of making it available to the citizens the public authorities only held a formal public consultation on the planning of the use of that space without any real possibility for citizens to participate in urban planning and therefore to decide on the future of their city. In short, the proposed plan for Muzil is to build a tourist resort with 2500 beds and a golf course with 18 holes.

What has changed?

The initiative has introduced four points of action concerning the city: the right to mobility
meaning the right of access and use of spaces, and to create new spaces; flexible organisation in order to enable people to participate in shaping public spaces and rules, to prevent things from being bureaucratically controlled at the expense of people’s natural social and political needs; the re-appropriation of tools so that people can use the tools for creating their own physical spaces. In 2014 the idea of giving temporary use of the Muzil to public institutions, local entrepreneurs, sports, cultural and other civil society organisations was fully and largely supported by as much as 90 per cent of the population of Pula.

How did it happen?

Initiative Za Muzil – Volim Pulu started as a citizen initiative organized as a network of individuals, not groups, associations, institutions or parties. Most activities were carried out by the citizens of Pula. These were experts from various fields and initially the aim of the initiative was to open Muzil to the citizens.