Urban Alternatives is launched by a collaboration of different actors which are united in their efforts to create a more democratic, just and sustainable world. This map seeks to highlight initiatives that work towards this goal. Proposal for initiatives not listed yet can be made directly on the website. This process is open to new collaborations.


Zajednički grad - Sindikalizacija

Citizen Participation Mechanism

What challenges did this initiative look to address?

The work of the initiative includes discussion, development and strengthening of the participatory dimension of democratic institutions in cities, offering conclusions that should serve as contributions to the local discussion of fundamental social and political issues. The problems it addresses are: what does democracy really mean and how is it implemented in practice, in what way do current relations not represent the contemporary concept of democracy, how should social institutions be changed to expand their democratic potential? What inequalities are establishing and maintaining the structures of social domination of certain groups?

What has changed?

The initiative has developed a practical set of tools for citizens on how to use/claim public spaces in the city. These tools may be used by anyone who wants to think of the city and participate in its preservation and upgrading, and do not require any special knowledge. These are very basic methods that are easily accessible to everyone. The publication "Common City" poses questions about what it means to live in a community and share the space of a city. It is intended primarily for those who live in Sarajevo on a daily basis, but also for those who say that everyday life needs to be changed no matter where they live.

How did it happen?

The initiative works in close connection with activists from various fields, collaborating with the locals in Sarajevo but also in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The initiative is connected with CRVENA - Association for Culture and Art from Sarajevo.