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Inicijativa Dobrodošli

Migration & Citizenship Rights

What challenges did this initiative look to address?

The Republic of Croatia needs to strongly advocate urgent harmonisation of positions at the EU level and political agreement in the UN for a common approach to stop the war in Syria. Because of this, the initiative expects the Croatian government to take the political initiative and to advocate finding sustainable and adequate solutions for the refugee crisis, which are based on international humanitarian law, protection of human rights, intergovernmental cooperation and solidarity.

What has changed?

The initiative was very active on social networks, organising protests and direct actions. Moreover, in collaboration with other organisations, the initiative frequently reported on the topic, using press releases, organising press conferences and providing information both for the public, institutions and refugees.

How did it happen?

Initiative gathers more than 60 civil society organisations, one football club and more than 400 volunteers who give support to the refugees on the ground on an everyday basis – humanitarian support and coordination with local organisations, but also providing information to refugees about current procedures regarding entering and leaving Croatia.